Some Thoughts From Another Long-term Teacher in Korea

Interesting article from a long-term foreign teacher in Korea, but I would echo what Joe says in the comments – most often it has been the public schools which were at fault, in my experience, rather than hagwon owners.

Cheating Political Systems and Why We Don’t Need Them

MSNBC Morning Host Admits The “Whole Voting System Is Rigged” After Bernie Get’s Cheated!

But it’s not just the US and the Democratic Party… it’s everywhere!

And it’s not as if this kind of thing suddenly materialised from nowhere, it’s been around a long time… one of the reasons Margaret Thatcher came to power in the UK was union member disenchantment with a surprisingly similar process: they would elect local leaders who would then function as ‘delegates’ at the major meetings where the important votes were held. But instead of voting as their electors wanted, they voted as they were instructed by the higher leadership. Shop-floor union members didn’t get a look in!

Clearly, voter disenfranchisement (or maybe we might rename it ‘bait and switch’) is an integral part of the utter con which we call ‘Western democracy’.

We might also take a sideways glance at elections in Syria. There are no signs of any malpractice there, according to observers, yet the US persistently wants to label the results (i.e. the successive re-election of Bashar al-Assad by popular assent) as being somehow ‘illegal’. What they really mean is that the popular choice does not further their own ambitions in the area.

Also clearly, ‘Western democracy’ (and the stooges necessary to maintain it – think of Ukraine’s situation over the last few years) is a tool of control masquerading as popular assent, both within and without the actual Western countries themselves.

Maybe it’s time to think up a new and better way to run countries, as this is clearly just another form of Roman-style ‘divide and conquer’ methodology and has nothing to to with the wishes of the ‘demos’ at all. 😛