Breakfast in the Ruins II

Absolutely. I have nothing to add to this.

Why Bosses Are Bad…

A great article which I came across by accident today:

Definitely worth a read… it’s exactly what I have been thinking about work for ages.

Grouped under ‘Environment’, but maybe it should be under ‘Health”…

How We Should Be Making Our Own Food

This is how it used to be back in England… people used to grow their own food a lot more, and there was food self-sufficiency. Funny how the West has this bizarre habit of decrying Russia when the Russians seem to get an awful lot of things right!

The West has instead become dominated by large agribusiness concerns whose main aim seems to be to dominate us and force their disgusting products down our throats, whether we like it or not. When will we ever wake up?

Fukushima… Why No Reporting?

Since the subsea earthquake in the Pacific and the devastation of the tsunami which followed, there has been a disturbing silence in the media. North America was downwind and there is a large plume of radioactive water now sloshing against the western seaboard; there are mass die-offs of animals and for some reason, when questioned by the media, no apparently reputable scientists will say anything other than: “We don’t know why; it’s a mystery.”

Really? Get a load of this video with Dr. Helen Caldicott, M.D. … she has some unfortunate socialist leanings but with my own background in biomedical sciences and as a published chemical analyst [1], I do not consider that sufficient reason to doubt her experience and opinions regarding the dangers of excessive environmental radiation.

Do take careful note of her comments about the activities of the Abe government in Japan in particular…

[1] See:

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Edited: July 5th 2015